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Smartphone Now Top Device for Gen X Internet Access

Following last week’s series on device importance, today’s Chart explores devices used to access the internet among Generation X (aged 35-53 in 2017). 86% of Gen X are now getting online via a smartphone – a figure up 23 percentage-points since 2013. Over this period, PCs/laptops have experien...

2 in 3 Social Video Viewers Sharing Video Online

To conclude our series on those who are watching video on the major social networks, today’s Chart explores the video sharing behaviors of these digital consumers. Social Video Viewers are not a passive audience. This group is in fact 26% more likely than average to have uploaded or shared a v...

Five Holiday Marketing Campaigns that Hit the Mark

Public holidays like Christmas, Black Friday and the first day of summer present some of the most lucrative opportunities for brands, but they can also be stressful times for consumers. Making assumptions about how your audiences feel and what they want or need can result in expensive and even da...