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Top 10 Mobile-First Online Activities

For this week’s final Chart we conclude our brief series on the importance of smartphones, exploring which online activities are now occurring primarily on mobile. Of the 34 online activities we track, 22 are now mobile-first, with consumers more likely to reach for a mobile than desktop devic...

How to Conduct a Market Survey that Works

Last year, Unilever brand, Knorr conducted a market survey among 12,000 millennials in 12 countries, discovering that 78% are more likely to be attracted to someone who enjoys the same flavors. This insight spawned the ‘Love at First Taste’ campaign which prompted a 15 ppt rise in purchase intent...

16-24s Spend 50% of Online Time on Mobiles

It’s well known that a mobile-first strategy is needed to fully engage and reach digital consumers. Smartphone ownership is virtually universal and the average internet user is spending 3 hours a day online on these devices. This is especially true for the youngest consumers (16-24s). As well ...