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Star Wars Fans 34% More Likely to be Console Gaming

With the Star Wars franchise having a presence in the gaming space for some time now, and a new Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the pipeline, today we take a look at the gaming behaviors of fans of the Star Wars movies. Currently, 1 in 4 of these Star Wars fans say they have played a Star Wars game...

How TMW Unlimited Puts Audience Profiling into Practice

"Its not a subscription that I have to fight for. It's easy to discover new insights and we have lots of examples where the data has added clear value." Esme Noble, Strategic Planner, TMW Unlimited The Need for an In-depth Audience Profiling Solution TMW is a customer engagement agency...

1 in 3 Online News Subscribers Blocking Desktop Ads

As publishers tackle the rising usage of ad-blockers, many have resorted to paywalls to counter sliding ad revenues. And as we discussed last week, a decent 1 in 8 are now willing to pay for ad-free news content. Focus on those who are paying for access to a news service each month and a fair ...