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1 in 5 Spotify Users Regularly Attend Live Music

Further to our previous chart looking at the music attitudes of Spotify users, today we explore how this group engages with live music and how this could present an opportunity for Spotify itself. Despite the relatively balanced pattern of responses, what our data shows is Spotify users are 77...

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Research: Where Do You Start?

Marketing research encompasses every aspect of obtaining data about product and consumer preferences. This includes market, product and consumer research, and should incorporate both quantitative and qualitative data. Smart brands rely on accurate, up-to-date marketing research analysis to gu...

The Importance of Social in Reaching Family Vacationers

Throughout the vacation seasons, many travel brands are targeting those looking to secure a last minute deal. Family holidays are a huge segment in the travel business, so reaching those with young children will be key for many in the industry – just as it has been for JetBlue with its 'Little Ti...