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27% of Gen Zers Use Mobile Voice Assistants

In another installment of this week’s smartphone Chart of the Day series, today we demonstrate the importance of voice tech in the smartphone market. With almost 1 in 4 internet users already us...

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55% of Gen Zers in North America Dual-Screen via Laptops

To mark the launch of our new Second-Screening infographic (clients can download a copy here), today we highlight the continued importance of laptops/PCs in the dual-screening behaviors of Gen Zers...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 09.10.17

Social News Consumers on Social for 2¾ hrs Daily

Continuing our series on Social News Consumers in North America, today’s chart looks at the estimated amount of time they spend on social media on a typical day. On average, this audience is dev...

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3 in 4 Indian Internet Users Visiting Amazon

In preparation for the Indian festival season just weeks away, Amazon and Flipkart last week began their 4-day sales drives. Fast and convenient logistics will be key in this fiercely competitive m...

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1 in 3 US Walmart Shoppers Want Next-Day Delivery

Walmart’s recent US partnership with Google Home is a sign of things to come in the retail space, with brands hoping that voice assistants can bring about more seamless and convenient forms of shop...

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Social Outscores Websites for Major News Brands

For this week’s final Chart, we explore some new GWI research on online news consumption. This confirms the importance of social in accessing content from a range of major online news services. ...

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2 in 3 in Russia are Gaming on PCs

Online activities may be migrating to mobile, but the ongoing attachment to PCs/laptops in mature markets continues to ensure their relevance in the online landscape. And when it comes to gaming, t...

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