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Chart of the day

Millennial Brand Recommendations: WOM vs. Social

Today’s chart examines how much recommendations from social media have come to challenge the traditional power of word-of-mouth among Millennials. Crucially, in MEA and LatAm recommendations on ...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 13.11.17
Chart of the day

More Online Activities Performed on Mobiles than PCs

Concluding our series marking the release of our latest Device Flagship Report (get a free copy here), our Chart today quantifies exactly how many online activities are being carried out on PCs/lap...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 09.11.17
Chart of the day

Mobile-Only Users Less Likely to Multi-Network

For the final chart in our series on multi-networking, we look at this trend among an increasingly important online audience: mobile-only internet users. The multi-networking trend has reached a...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 02.11.17
Chart of the day

The Multi-Device Purchase Journey

Today’s chart looks at cross-device purchasing habits, exploring the range of devices that digital consumers are using for commerce. For many internet users, it’s not the case that they limit th...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 30.10.17
Chart of the day

eSports Engagement Around the World

Our final chart this week compares engagement with eSports tournaments across the world regions. APAC leads the way for watching live-streams; 1 in 4 Gamers there have watched one in the last mo...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 27.10.17
Chart of the day

Smartphone Ownership Around the World

To kick off a series this week on the importance of the smartphone, our first chart takes a deep-dive into the device’s ownership rates across demographics and around the world. Digital consumer...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 16.10.17
Chart of the day

80% of Shazam Users Second-Screen Via Mobile

The interactive possibilities for Shazam have come a long way since its launch in 2002, when users dialed a number and discovered what song they were hearing through a text. In today’s chart, we ex...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 13.10.17
Chart of the day

59% of Social News Consumers Not Following News Accounts

Concluding our series on those who engage with news stories via social, today we examine which types of people/organizations they say they ‘follow’. Unsurprisingly, Social News Consumers are 37%...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 05.10.17
Chart of the day

60% of Huawei Users Would Advocate the Brand

Today’s chart explores brand advocacy in the world of tech, an area that is becoming ever more crucial as ad-blocking moves into the mainstream. Among the 16 names we track in this category, it’...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 02.10.17