Chris BeerChris Beer

Internet Ads More Effective for Younger Age Groups

As outlined in Mary Meeker’s 2017 Trends report, this year marks the first time that internet ad spend is expected to overtake its TV equivalent. In today’s Chart of the Day, we therefore examine h...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 17.08.17

Millennials more Brand-Loyal and Brand-Conscious than Gen Z

Millennials represent a significant opportunity for marketers as they come to an age and level of income where long-term buying habits are established.  Continuing our series comparing two generati...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 15.08.17

42% of internet users in APAC watch the EPL

Asia Pacific was a popular destination for EPL clubs to expand their marketing reach through pre-season tours this summer, with Arsenal taking on Chelsea in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium. With the ...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 10.08.17

2 in 3 Parents with Young Children Shopping Online via Mobile

Just as convenience factors like free delivery and a quick/easy checkout process weigh heavily on the purchasing decisions of parents of young children, today's chart demonstrates how the convenien...

Chris BeerChris Beer / 03.08.17