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Katie YoungKatie Young / 20.09.17

1 in 3 Luxury Fashion Buyers Follow New Brands on Social Each Month

Social has long been a key channel for luxury brands to connect with their customers, both current and prospective. Our chart today confirms the need to emphasize these channels and the opportuniti...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 18.09.17

Expectant Parents Most Likely to Discover Brands via TV Ads

For our midweek chart, we explore how brands can reach expectant parents – an audience who have a particularly heavy over-index for purchasing baby products as they prepare for their new arrival. ...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 13.09.17

Social Media Captures Over 30% of Online Time

As the latest Social Media Week kicks off in London, our first chart this week looks at average daily time spent by digital consumers across social networks and messaging services. Currently, on...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 11.09.17

The Second-Screening Behaviors of NFL Fans

As this year’s NFL season kicks off, Fox has announced 6-second ad spots in its season opener. But whether it’s looking to see what friends are saying about a game, or searching for information rel...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 08.09.17

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: A Global View

Back in June, Amazon extended its introductory Prime Video offer across all global markets, where its streaming service would be available for $2.99 for the first six months. As Amazon and Netflix ...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 07.09.17

Twice as Many Sports Watched on TV as Online

As ‘cord-cutting’ garners more media attention and more opportunities arise to catch up with games online and across social media, this week’s first Chart looks at whether this is having an impact ...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 04.09.17
Katie YoungKatie Young / 31.08.17

3 in 10 Clash of Clans Players Discover Brands via In-App Advertising

With almost two-thirds of internet users worldwide now gaming on their smartphones, there’s great potential for advertisers and marketers to reach an extensive audience though ads served on ‘freemi...

Katie YoungKatie Young / 30.08.17