Liliana OsorioLiliana Osorio

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Research: Where Do You Start?

Marketing research encompasses every aspect of obtaining data about product and consumer preferences. This includes market, product and consumer research, and should incorporate both quantitative a...

Liliana OsorioLiliana Osorio / 20.07.17

How to Choose the Right Marketing Techniques for Your Brand

Staple marketing techniques such as advertising, PR, sponsorship and promotion continue to thrive, but digital has changed the way in which these disciplines work. Today, brands can market in real-...

Liliana OsorioLiliana Osorio / 05.07.17

Three Simple Ways to Shift Brand Perceptions

Brands often elicit an immediate reaction from consumers. They might make us feel warm and valued thanks to the excellent customer experience we had with them. Or we might perceive them as low qual...

Liliana OsorioLiliana Osorio / 07.06.17