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Chart of the day

Smartphone Now Top Device for Gen X Internet Access

Following last week’s series on device importance, today’s Chart explores devices used to access the internet among Generation X (aged 35-53 in 2017). 86% of Gen X are now getting online via a s...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 17.11.17
Chart of the day

2 in 3 Social Video Viewers Sharing Video Online

To conclude our series on those who are watching video on the major social networks, today’s Chart explores the video sharing behaviors of these digital consumers. Social Video Viewers are not a...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 16.11.17
Chart of the day

Social Video Viewers on Social for 3hrs Daily

Continuing this week’s series on Social Video Viewers, today’s Chart looks at the average time they are devoting to social media and broadcast television. These internet users are spending almos...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 15.11.17
Chart of the day

60% of Social Video Viewers aged 16-34

To mark the release of our latest Social Flagship Report (available here), this week’s series explores a relatively new audience - Social Video Viewers. Previously we looked at just how mainstre...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 14.11.17
Chart of the day

Smartphone Importance Highest Among 16-34s and in MEA

Yesterday we saw that smartphones continue to extend their lead for device importance. However, this figure is subject to some important variation, creating a need for dynamic (and for most regions...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 08.11.17
Chart of the day

Smartphone Importance Continues to Increase

To begin a brief series marking the release of our latest Device Flagship Report (get a free copy here), today’s Chart explores device importance over time. When we ask digital consumers to sele...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 07.11.17
Chart of the day

Multi-Networking Highest Among 16-24s and in LatAm

Yesterday we saw that the typical internet user now holds 8 different social media/messaging accounts – but this is a figure that is subject to some strong variation by age and region. 16-34s ar...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 01.11.17
Chart of the day

Multi-Networking Approaches its Peak

Today’s Chart begins a brief series on the trend of multi-networking. Social media users are comfortable in maintaining a presence across more than one platform; while digital consumers had an a...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 31.10.17
Chart of the day

M-Commerce Drives Social Commerce

To conclude our series marking the release of our new Commerce Flagship Report (you can download a free copy here), today’s Chart explores how online shopping’s transition into a mobile-first activ...

Olivia ValentineOlivia Valentine / 26.10.17