1 in 3 Graduates Interested in Taking Post-Graduate Course

Chart of the day
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Felim McGrath / June 19, 2017

The multi-billion dollar post-graduate education industry is the topic for today’s Chart of the Day, and as is clear from our chart, the potential for growth here is significant.

It’s one third of university-educated internet users who say they are interested in taking a post-graduate course in the future, with LatAm standing out (over half here are aiming to enroll in a post-graduate course). Of course, while many may not be able to fulfill this ambition, this is certainly a large audience for universities and institutions (and their agencies) to attempt to engage.

When thinking about how to influence the decisions of this group of intenders, expert opinions emerge as one important channel. This audience are 50% more likely to find new brands/services via these sources, while they are 40% more likely to be using blogs to research services online.

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