1 in 5 women play on consoles for 1 hour+ each day

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Felim McGrath / February 02, 2015

This week we launch our new GWI Entertainment report, analyzing the latest trends in gaming, content consumption and online entertainment (you can download a free summary here).

Today we draw on data from the report to examine trends in console gaming – an activity which captures an average of 0.82 hours per day across our 32 countries.

Men lead women for console gaming, but not by as much as often assumed. Nearly a fifth of women say they play for more than an hour a day, with fewer than 50% not gaming at all.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 16-24s are the most dedicated gamers of all – spending an average of 1.36 hours on their consoles daily. In contrast, 7 in 10 among the 55-64 group report that they don’t game on consoles at all.