16-24s least likely to use search engines

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Jason Mander / March 04, 2014

Search engines remain a hugely important source of product discovery for consumers: globally, 54% of internet users say they use these tools when actively looking for product or brand information, making them the most common go-to point.

But when we analyze search engine users by age, we can see a consistent pattern across all world regions (three of which we visualize here). Although more than 40% in each age bracket use these tools, engagement increases in line with age – with 16-24s being the group least likely to turn to this source to find out more information about a brand.

In contrast, 16-24s are the most likely to use Question & Answer sites such as Quora. The total numbers engaging with them are somewhat smaller, but it’s still reflective of how the youngest internet users have embraced new platforms the most enthusiastically.

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