16-24s on Mobile Web for 3 Hours Daily

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Felim McGrath / April 28, 2015

As we explore in our new GWI Device report (get a free summary here), time spent online via mobiles continues to enjoy solid year-on-year increases, reaching 1.97 hours per day in Q1 2015.

16-24s are at the forefront of the shift to mobile internet usage. On a typical day, the youngest digital consumers are now averaging more than 3 hours online via their smartphones – a figure which compares to a markedly lower 0.57 hours among the oldest age group. That also means that mobiles account for the biggest proportion of total online time among this youngest age group; 43% of their internet time is via a mobile.

Younger users really are leading the mobile charge, then, which is particularly important given that 16-24s are slightly less likely to personally own a smartphone than 25-44s.