29% of smartphone users block ads on their main computers

Chart of the day
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Katie Young / November 19, 2015

With ad-blocking continuing to grab headlines, Thursday’s Chart of the Day looks at the number of smartphone users who are blocking ads on their main computers.

Globally, 29% of this audience are now doing this – with some particularly striking demographics underlying this headline figure. Male smartphone users over-index notably, being almost 10 percentage points ahead of women for ad-blocking. There is also a key age-based trend; the youngest smartphone users are the most likely to block ads (on 33%), with figures then falling directly in line with age.

With Apple’s introduction of ad-blocking tools on its handsets, these numbers show that there is a sizable audience who could easily adopt a similar approach on their smartphones. So, as awareness of these tools grows, there’s a clear possibility that this could quickly become a cross-device behavior.

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