30% of tablet owners aren’t using them to go online

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Felim McGrath / November 17, 2015

Tablets are now a relatively common possession – over 40% of internet users aged 16-64 personally own one.However, it’s clear that many of these tablet owners are yet to see their devices as fully-fledged internet access points in their own right, with only 70% of them saying that they have been online using their tablet device in the last month.

Particularly striking is that this figure has actually fallen slightly over the past few quarters. The impact of “phablets” may be a crucial factor here. The capabilities and functionality of smartphones continue to improve/evolve and edge ever closer to replicating the tablet experience (particularly within the “phablet” category). That 83% of tablet owners say they are getting online using a smartphone is a clear indication that mobiles are winning the battle here.