37% of Cinema Goers Following Actors on Social

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Katie Young / April 20, 2017

In our new Cinema Goers infographic, we explore the online behaviors of movie fans and how marketers can hope to reach this audience.

One thing that stands out is the potential to reach Cinema Goers via actors’ public personas, especially given that this audience is 30% more likely to discover new brands or products via celebrity endorsements. For these movie fans, social platforms are clearly an important touchpoint for keeping up with their favorite actors – some 37% choose to follow them, putting them 23% ahead of average internet user.

This is especially the case for the youngest Cinema Goers. Almost half of those aged 16-24 say they like to follow actors, with figures dropping directly in line with age to hit a low of 18% among 55-64s.

For more insights on Cinema Goers, download our free infographic here.

37% of Cinema Goers Following Actors on SocialDownload Commerce Q1 2017