4 in 10 internet users will watch the Premier League

Chart of the day
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Felim McGrath / August 12, 2016

With the first Premier League matches of the new season kicking off this weekend, our final Chart of the Day this week looks at the reach of the world’s most popular domestic football league. For a full range of insights on the Premier League and its fans, clients can download our new Premier League Fans report here.

Globally, it’s 39% of internet users who say they watch the Premier League on TV or online. Television remains by far the most popular way for fans to catch matches but with 17% of internet users viewing PL games online in some way, there is a clear opportunity for brands to engage digital consumers via online streams.

Looking at where the Premier League has been most successful in gathering fans also exposes some key opportunities. Online adults in Indonesia are the most likely to be watching PL matches on TV (a mighty 67% are) with high figures also seen among the online populations of Vietnam, Thailand and India. The young, typically affluent internet users in these fast-growth markets are a key strength of the Premier League and represent an important opportunity for brands.