Over 40% of Music Fans Following Bands/Singers on Social

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Felim McGrath / June 09, 2017

The rise of music streaming has had a profound impact on the music industry and helped alter the way that artists engage with their fans. Social has become a key part of this engagement, as our last Chart this week shows.

It’s now 43% of self-confessed music fans who say they are following singers, bands or musicians on social media, meaning these types of accounts are some of the most popular choices for music fans looking to follow social profiles.

The power of these followers has been attested time and time again, particularly as nearly 60% of music fans say they are regularly making recommendations to their friends/family and over three quarters are using music streaming services.

Over 40% of Music Fans Following Bands/Singers on SocialExplore data in PRO PlatformGet the GWI Social Q1 2017 Report