40% of young Facebookers have un-followed a brand in the last month

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Felim McGrath / December 12, 2014

As we discuss in our new GWI Brand report (a free summary of which is available here), Facebook remains the top network in terms of brand-consumer interactions within the social space; almost half of the site’s active users say they have visited a branded page within the last month, while 4 in 10 have “liked” or started following a new brand.

Nevertheless, the temporary nature of such relationships is also clear from our data: 3 in 10 Facebookers say that they’ve “un-liked” a brand within the last 30 days. This figure climbs to 38% among 16-24s, underlining the challenge of keeping the youngest internet users engaged on a long-term basis.

Interestingly, fewer Google+ users might be following new brands each month (30%) but they are also less likely to stop engaging – just 16% have recently unfollowed a brand. Twitter’s ratio is even better still: 1 in 4 started following a brand last month while just 13% un-followed one.

Across all three networks, small but important minorities are posting positive comments about brands; a quarter say they have done this on Facebook in the last month, as have 18% on Google+ and 17% on Twitter. Just as significantly, about 10% on each network say they have posted a negative comment, illustrating the need for instant responses from brands.

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