40% Using Mobiles for Travel Research

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Jacinta Ruscillo / February 24, 2017

Travel is a key interest for internet users – globally, 2 in 5 are vacationing abroad at least once a year and nearly the same number say they are strongly interested in travel and exploring new places.

Today’s chart delves into how digital consumers are accessing travel and vacation websites, and shows clearly that mobile is the most important device here. In the past month, 40% have used a mobile to visit a travel/vacation website, slightly ahead of the figures seen for PCs and laptops. Among the predominantly mobile-first digital consumers of APAC and MEA, however, smartphone’s lead for this activity is pronounced.

Although PCs/laptops remain fundamental to the online commerce landscape and almost everyone who is purchasing online is making at least some of their transactions on these devices, many consumers are adopting a multi-device approach to researching major purchases such as travel.

40% Using Mobiles for Travel ResearchExplore data in PRO Platform