51% using Facebook to keep up-to-date with World Cup

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Jason Mander / June 24, 2014

Results from our Real-Time Panels in Brazil, the US and UK show just how significant informal channels are in terms of World Cup engagement.

As the tournament got underway, more than 50% said they’d be keeping up-to-date with events by using Facebook or by chatting to friends. That puts them ahead of more formal or official sources like FIFA’s website (29%) or news outlets (45%). And with close to a third saying they’re using Twitter and nearly 10% “following” players, it’s clear that much of the online noise being made at the moment is centered on social spaces.

World Cup viewers in host-nation Brazil are the keenest of all to keep abreast of the latest happenings; two thirds are using news websites, over 50% are specifically tuning into news broadcasts and, across the board, they tend to have a lead over their US and UK counterparts.