55% of Messenger Users Shopping on Mobiles

Chart of the day
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Katie Young / November 01, 2016

With PayPal announcing last week that it will become one of the first payment options for those shopping via the growing number of chatbots within Facebook Messenger, Tuesday’s Chart takes a look at how many of Messenger’s users are currently shopping on their mobiles.

The potential benefits of this integration are clear: some 55% of Facebook Messenger users are already buying items on their mobiles each month. Demographics have a vital impact here; with 25-34s posting figures far above the rest (64%), it’s clear that this update will have the biggest impact among younger consumers.

The integration of PayPal into Messenger shows Facebook’s ambition to become a leading hub for chat bots. And from the consumer’s perspective, it’s not hard to see why the chance to buy products in one app that they already use is likely to hold some serious appeal.