55% of World Cup Fans follow brands on social networks

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Jason Mander / June 12, 2014

With the World Cup kicking off today, here we showcase data from our special audience report on the tournament (download a free copy here) to look at the types of people that football fans “follow” on social platforms.

Unsurprisingly, Real-Time Fans (those who say they’ll be watching as many games live as possible) over-index the most for “following” sports stars on social networks. Nearly 50% are doing this, compared to just 13% among those who say they have no interest in the World Cup.

Aside from people they know in real-life, though – where Real-Time Fans are in line with the average – this audience is in fact more likely to “follow” all of the groups tracked in our chart. This is particularly significant in relation to their favorite brands, where Real-Time Fans (55%) have a 15% lead over the Not Interested Group.