6 in 10 in the US are Netflixers

Chart of the day
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Katie Young / August 30, 2016

To mark the founding of Netflix 18 years ago, as well as the release of our new GWI Entertainment report (download a free summary here), today’s Chart of the Day takes a look at where the leading OTT service is performing best.

Netflix has seen some impressive success in some key countries. In its home market of the USA, for example, as many as 57% say they are watching Netflix. The service has also achieved a great reach in the rest of the Americas, with around half of online adults in Mexico, Canada and Brazil using the service each month. Also striking is the 24% of internet users in India using Netflix – showing that its expansion globally has been well received in many markets.

Plus, the future for Netflix only looks bright. Our long-term data shows strong rises in the amount of online TV being watched each day, especially among the young demographics. And Netflix now being a truly global service means it’s well placed to capitalize on these trends.