6 in 10 PS4 Owners Interested in VR

Chart of the day
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Katie Young / October 18, 2016

Following the launch of the much-anticipated PSVR last week, Tuesday’s Chart takes stock of the level of interest that this technology has generated among PlayStation 4 owners.

The immersive experience offered by this kind of tech was always going to resonate strongly with the gaming community. Among PS4 owners, for example, it’s close to 6 in 10 who express interest in using VR headsets in the future – peaking in APAC at just over 2 in 3.

The PSVR might be $200 cheaper than Oculus’s Rift or HTC’s Vive, but it’s still going to set consumers back a hefty $400. The availability of compelling games across different genres is likely to be the game-changer here: only killer content will justify the price tag and satisfy consumer expectations.