97% are Using the Internet for Commerce

Chart of the day
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Chase Buckle / January 05, 2017

Today we showcase one of GWI’s new segmentations by profiling internet users based on their digital behaviors.

Testament to the ubiquity of online commerce, it’s virtually all of the global online population who fall within the Shopper segmentation (those who say finding products is a very important reason for going online or have engaged in some commerce-related activity online in the last month).

The central role of entertainment in internet users’ online portfolios is also pretty evident, with high scores for the Viewer (79%) and Listener (72%) segments.

Perhaps most intriguing here is the particularly strong result for the Creator group (on 79%). This segment encompasses people who have uploaded a video or photo online in the last month, so despite the so-called “context collapse” being a hot topic in the media, it’s pretty clear that the majority of online adults are contributing in some form each month and that this is still most likely taking place on social media.

To download an explanation of GWI’s new segmentation, click here