Apple Watch: current smartwatch owners are the most enthusiastic

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Felim McGrath / April 23, 2015

Apple has a proven track record of entering already-established device markets and then building up a serious position of influence/dominance. And, with the Apple Watch, it looks like the company is on course to do this yet again.

As we saw in yesterday’s blog, 1 in 4 in the UK/US are interested in an Apple Watch. But perhaps the most striking trends emerge when we look at attitudes among specific audiences.

Just a quarter of price-conscious internet users are interested, showing that the expense of the Apple Watch is having a clear impact. Even so, Apple can rely on its army of brand loyalists to drive sales; 4 in 10 iPad or iPhone owners express enthusiasm.

But the clearest indication that Apple may come to dominate the wearables market comes when we look at the views of current smartwatch owners. 71% of these individuals in the UK and US say they are interested in an Apple Watch – suggesting that many existing owners are intending to switch their allegiance.