Bud Light is NBA Fans’ Favorite Beer

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Katie Young / August 08, 2017

From Emirates and Arsenal, to Hyundai and the NFL, sports partnerships have the potential to deepen customer relationships far more than simple logo impressions. Today we explore one of the longest standing partnerships of all – A-B InBev and the NBA.

Bud Light and Budweiser are the two brands currently used in NBA activations and they’ve sought out creative and innovative methods for engaging fans. As well as digital videos and packaging rights on bottles and cans, last year we saw the Cleveland Cavaliers team up with Budweiser to bring a virtual reality experience to fans.

The good news for this partnership is that US NBA Fans are big beer drinkers. 62% say they drink beer at least once a month, meaning they’re 36% more likely to be doing so than the average US internet user. And they’re notably more likely to be drinking this than they are energy drinks (38%) and spirits like vodka (40%) and whiskey (39%).

It’s also promising that Budweiser and Bud Light are two of the most popular lager brands among fans in the US. Bud Light is the favorite (drunk by over a quarter each month), while 23% drink Budweiser. This is something that also holds true outside of the US: when we focus on NBA Fans more generally, Budweiser takes the top spot – with an 8-point lead over second-placed Heineken.

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