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Brett Petersen / October 20, 2011

The GlobalWebIndex team is constantly striving to add more value for our subscribers and consulting clients. As part of this drive, we are proud to introduce our new Social Strategy for B2B Marketing report that is now available as part of a GWI subscription (contact your account manager for your access code) or is available for purchase to all non-subscribers from the GlobalWebIndex report store.

The report spans more than 60 pages of research, data, and insight specifically geared towards helping B2B marketers plan and implement social media as part of their business, sales, and marketing strategy. The data available in the report includes online and social media behaviour of B2B decision makers, data and insight on engagement techniques for those same B2B decision makers, and a detailed execution framework to implement social media into a marketing mix. In addition, because we know that developing the best B2B marketing strategy requires targeted research and analysis, we’ve added one data insight request from the GlobalWebIndex consulting team as part of this report package. Readers will then be able to take advantage of the vast amount of primary research data contained within the GlobalWebIndex to identify specific opportunities that exist within their industry.

Here are a few key takeaways from the report to wet your appetite:

– One to one conversations online are more influential than traditional marketing activities;

– Having a presence on Twitter or creating a blog for the sake of it, is not seen as influential. Conversations, and enabling conversation is what creates value;

– People want to interact with people, not platforms.

As always, we are here whenever you need us so please don’t hesitate to send through any queries about the report, its contents, or other GWI services.