Cost of Medicine Trumps Recommendations for Hay Fever Sufferers

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Katie Young / June 22, 2017

For those suffering with conditions like hay fever, there are now a whole host of different branded medicines to choose from. But what are the key purchase drivers that impact these consumers’ decisions when they opt for pharmaceutical brands?

Hay Fever Sufferers are quite a brand loyal bunch: almost half say that they tend to pick brands of medicine that they’ve used before. Interestingly, though, it’s for cost that we see the greatest over-index, with sufferers 32% more likely to cite this as an important consideration when buying drugs. And with the figures for cost consistently high across the age groups, getting the pricing right is essential for pharmaceutical brands.

As our Chart shows, price is notably more important than recommendations they may have received from friends and family. This is a story that holds true for all the age groups, though the difference is much narrower among 16-34s who value recommendations the most.

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