Expectant Parents Most Likely to Discover Brands via TV Ads

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Katie Young / September 13, 2017

For our midweek chart, we explore how brands can reach expectant parents – an audience who have a particularly heavy over-index for purchasing baby products as they prepare for their new arrival.

Despite the range of digital channels available to marketers, the reach and power of traditional touchpoints remains considerable. Above all, they’re most likely to come across new brands via TV ads and search engines, and word-of-mouth recommendations are key too.

That said, there’s still clear potential to make an impact with newer digital channels, especially as it’s for some of these options that we tend to see the greatest over-indexes. In particular, Expectant Parents are more likely than average to be discovering brands via vlogs, bloggers and forums – underlining the importance of advice and the experiences of others. This is especially relevant given that 2 in 3 say they tend to seek an expert opinion before purchasing.

Expectant Parents Most Likely to Discover Brands via TV AdsExplore the data in PRO Platform
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