Facebook’s Potential for Social Commerce

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Katie Young / October 21, 2015

Facebook’s latest foray into online commerce has seen it testing a dedicated shopping feed which allows its users to buy directly from their newsfeeds.

It’s easy to see why Facebook is pushing its social commerce ambitions. Two-thirds of Facebookers say they bought a product online in the last month and, as our midweek Chart of the Day shows, social networks are an established research channel for this group: 36% of Facebook active users say they use them for this purpose (with only search engines and consumer reviews posting higher figures).

But while Facebookers are happy using social networks to find new brands and products, only 9% say they are interested in the prospect of buying directly through a social network. Clearly then, in order to establish a decent presence in the e-commerce market, Facebook has a challenge ahead in convincing its users that the site can be a secure and convenient place to buy online.