Finding New Music Key for Spotify Users

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Chase Buckle / February 09, 2017

Continuing our preview of GlobalWebIndex’s new Brand data, today’s Chart examines Spotify Users’ attitudes towards discovering new music.

With fierce competition in the music-streaming sector, offering new and intuitive ways of finding new music has been a key focus as services look to gain an edge over their rivals. This is clearly represented in our data – compared to other online adults, Spotify users are overwhelmingly more likely to enjoy the process of finding new music. We also see a similar pattern for users of other services such as Apple Music and SoundCloud.

It’s aged-based trends which matter most here, with younger users typically on the lookout for new artists while older users tend to stick with their existing music preferences. Considering it’s these younger users who are more likely to be paying for this content, it’s not difficult to see why algorithmic playlists have been embraced by all corners of the industry.

Finding New Music Key for Spotify Users
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