GlobalWebIndex Data Packs: Custom Data and Graphs for Essential Insights

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Alastair Little / April 09, 2015

GlobalWebIndex’s PRO Platform and expansive collections of Reports power important business insights and decisions. But there is another powerful tool that GWI provides to help clients get the insights they need – Data Packs.

These compact Excel documents contain extensive raw data and pre-formatted charts and graphs on exactly the questions and subjects you need.

Need a chart for a presentation or blog? Just copy the custom graph you need from a data pack. Or want a data table for an email? Data packs contain just the raw data you will need.

The highly precise and customizable nature of data packs comes from their integration with our PRO Platform. To create a data packs from the 4,500+ data points available in PRO Platform, chose a question, define the market, demographic or audience you are interested in and simply hit ‘export’ to generate a data pack that is molded to give you the precise range and depth of information that you need.

What’s more, these data packs can also be fully modified so you can communicate the precise message you want to your client or colleagues.

Each data pack contains sheets covering global figures, data from each of our 32-surveyed countries, trend statistics dating back to 2009 and detailed data on the demographic splitter than you have chosen in PRO Platform. Corresponding pre-rendered graphs also provide a visual insight into the percentage and universe figures for your chosen question, as well as illustrations of trends over time and by demographics. Finally, each pack includes a clear outline of GWI’s research methodology and definitions.

Want to find out more? You can download a sample data pack here and start experiencing the ways that data packs can help you work better.

For more information, try our Help Mode in PRO Platform, consult our Knowledge Base or get in contact with our support team via live chat, phone or email.