Google Glass: 24% of Americans are already interested in buying it

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Jason Mander / February 03, 2014

Although Google Glass is still being tested by a select group of “Explorers”, 24% of Americans are already interested in buying it when it hits the market (13% definitely and a further 11% if initial reviews prove favorable).

Of course, we have to expect some inevitable fall-off between stated intentions and eventual purchasing behaviors. And, clearly, there will be a serious time-lag between early adopters using this type of wearable tech and it gaining a meaningful foothold in the mainstream.

But that awareness of the product is already so high is impressive: only a third (35%) of online Americans aged 16-64 say they haven’t heard of it. Similarly, it’s just 20% who report that they definitely would not consider purchasing Google Glass.

All this suggests that, as a means of accessing the internet, the importance of Google Glass and other devices like it will be considerable.

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