Half Posting Reviews Online Each Month

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Felim McGrath / April 12, 2016

With 1 in 3 online consumers saying that reviews from fellow customers influence their purchasing decisions, it’s significant that close to 50% are posting online reviews each month (rising to 6 in 10 among online shoppers). Indeed, a key finding in our new GWI Commerce report (available in a free summary version here) is that, for many digital consumers, reviewing the products they have purchased online has become the norm.

Internet users in APAC are the most enthusiastic online reviewers – well over half post a review monthly. By age, it’s 25-34s who lead; by gender, men are more likely to be posting reviews. Elsewhere, the most affluent consumers are also the most vocal online.

All this makes it clear just how much noise, and potential brand advocacy, is now taking place in the online space.

Clients can access the full version of the report on PRO Platform here.