How many internet users are blocking ads?

Chart of the day
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Felim McGrath / August 20, 2015

For Thursday’s Chart of the Day, we preview research from our new GWI Entertainment flagship report to look at the impact of ad-blocking software (you can download a free summary of the report here).

The ad-supported models that many online entertainment services employ have been facing a tough challenge from the spread of ad-blocking software. While some platforms refuse access to internet users who deploy them, it’s difficult to just ignore the 3 in 10 online adults who say they are doing this – especially as it’s the youngest internet users who are leading this trend.

However, that over 70% of internet users are not using this software, despite the fact that it is freely available and easy to use, should be seen as a positive.

What’s more, ad-blocking consumers are in fact more likely than average to be purchasing online content. As a result, some could well be willing to pay to have an ad-free entertainment experience.

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