Mobile internet usage: highest in China

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Jason Mander / February 06, 2014

At a global level, we’ve already noted that an impressive 65% of internet users are going online via mobile.

But the figure in individual countries can climb even higher, reaching a peak of 83% in China. To put that in context, it represents an estimated 383 million people – more than 3.5 times the number in the next biggest market (the US).

China also tops the global figures for usage of the tablet internet (39%) and, across both device types, it’s striking that the top 10s contain so many emerging internet markets. It’s not that mature internet markets are absent: Sweden in one of leading places for the mobile internet, while the UK and US both feature for tablet usage. Nevertheless, these figures are another reminder of just enthusiastically portable internet access devices are being embraced in many fast-emerging markets.

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