On-the-Go Consumers More Likely to Consume Entertainment Via Mobile

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Chase Buckle / April 10, 2017

Aided by substantial advances in mobile connectivity, smartphones have brought on-the-go entertainment consumption into the mainstream. As today’s chart shows, people are squeezing their favorite shows or playlists into their busy lifestyles, whether that’s during the morning commute or at the gym – with regular exercisers and users of public transport both over-indexing for consuming entertainment on mobile.

These audiences are ahead of the curve for all the content-consumption activities tracked in our chart. Over 1 in 2 Regular Exercisers are using music streaming services on their phones, for example, and they are more than 20% more likely to engage with video entertainment. Similarly, Regular Public Transport Users are 14% more likely to be using music streaming services via their smartphones.

Clearly, the ability to consume content while out-and-about is encouraging people to dedicate more time per day to entertainment. That’s the context for why allowing people to do this in data-efficient ways has become such a key area of innovation.

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