Over 40% of Netflixers have 4G

Chart of the day
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Katie Young / March 01, 2016

With Netflix implementing a host of mobile updates to make it easier for its users to stream content via their mobiles, Tuesday’s Chart takes a look at a key trend underpinning this move – the rise of 4G.

Netflixers are at the forefront of 4G adoption; it’s now 4 in 10 who are using it to get online on their mobile, putting them around 10 percentage points ahead of the global average. What’s more, we’ve seen 4G usage among Netflixers rise from 32% in mid-2014, with an accompanying decline in the numbers for 3G.

Updates that make mobile usage easier and lighter on data plans will be particularly important for Netflix’s expansion into fast-growth markets. Indeed, with the service becoming available in virtually every country in the world, we can expect more and more content to be consumed via mobile.