Over 50% visit Yahoo each month

Chart of the day
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Felim McGrath / November 02, 2015

Yahoo made history last week by hosting the first global (and free) stream of an NFL game – a move which makes absolute sense when we recognize that its visitors now watch online TV for an average of 0.94 hours per day, versus the global average of 0.76 hours.With Yahoo-owned blogging platform Tumblr also going from strength to strength, this week’s first Chart of the Day thus looks at the impact of Yahoo globally.

Each month, just over half of online adults (outside China) visit the site – giving it an impressive reach. Figures peak among 25-34s at 56% but Yahoo can claim to have a broad user base; even among 55-64s, 45% are monthly visitors.

From a geographic perspective, there are certain markets where Yahoo is on a par with Google, especially in APAC. And with the site scoring especially well in markets like Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan, it’s clear the sports streaming activities on the platform have the potential to find sizable global audiences.