Profiling Amazon on its 20th Birthday

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Jason Mander / July 14, 2015

To mark its 20th birthday tomorrow, Amazon will be holding a flash 24-hour sale as part of what it calls Prime Day.

Offering more deals than Black Friday, the event will only be open to Prime members in North America, Japan and a handful of Western European countries.

All of these places feature prominently when we look at the top 10 countries for Amazon in terms of monthly visitors, and hence the e-commerce giant will be hoping that this brings a boost to its Prime service. It’s certainly pretty significant that the Amazon audience places such a high premium on financial incentives and free delivery; look at the top 5 online purchase drivers among Amazon visitors and both options score about 40%.

Prime day could also bring a much-needed boost to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video Service. Globally, just 10% of online adults say they used it last month, putting it some distance behind global leader Netflix (on 19%).