RayBan is the ‘Coolest’ Luxury Brand

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Katie Young / May 18, 2017

At GlobalWebIndex we track a range of luxury brands, asking digital consumers which brands they are aware of, have bought recently and would recommend. And to quantify attitudes towards these brands even further, we completed a special study into consumers’ perceptions of luxury brands.

Take a look at the leading brands for each of the brand perceptions and Chanel takes the top spot for ‘quality’ – helped by the classic and timeless nature and positioning of the brand. Elsewhere, it’s clear that Armani has successfully placed itself as a high-status brand, coming out top for ‘prestigious’.

RayBan is perceived to be the coolest of the luxury brands – perhaps to be expected given that their glasses are often donned by the biggest celebrities. Almost 40% of consumers select Rayban here, giving it a lead over big names like Gucci, Chanel, Armani and Hugo Boss. It’s also interesting that RayBan is the brand that consumers are most likely to recommend.

RayBan is the ‘Coolest’ Luxury BrandExplore data in PRO PlatformGeneration Z Report Q2 2017