Showrooming vs. Webrooming

Chart of the day
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Jason Mander / February 18, 2014

In honor of London Fashion Week, today we turn our attention to the subjects people say they’re talking about online – including fashion and clothing.

As our chart shows, mobile phones top the list: 27% of the global online audience have recently posted a comment or opinion about this, indicating just how important the internet has become as a space to discuss, test and review digital products. In fact, for several high-value digital items, we find that consumers are most likely to research them online and then purchase them offline – showing that so-called “webrooming” is thriving in certain product categories.

In terms of online conversations, fashion and clothing are popular topics too: over a fifth of internet users are regularly posting views on this subject, with (perhaps predictable) peaks among 16-24s (29%), women (28%) and those who describe themselves as being brand conscious (29%).

In this sector, however, we see a degree of “showrooming” taking place – with more people purchasing clothes and shoes online than researching them. Clearly, then, some consumers are testing/selecting products in-store and then buying them online for convenience or to take advantage of better prices.