Tablet sharing in the US is highest among Hispanic Americans

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Jason Mander / October 01, 2014

With our new Cross-Cultural Marketing in the US report released this week (you can download a free summary here), our midweek post takes a look at which sections of the US population are most likely to share the devices they use to connect to the internet.

In yesterday’s post, we saw that mobile and tablet internet is highest among Hispanic Americans. One of the reasons for this is that this group are the biggest device sharers.

If we take mobiles first, just 1 in 5 White non-Hispanic Americans say that other people have use of their device. This compares to about a quarter of Asian and Black/African Americans and nearly a third of Hispanics. A similar pattern is in evidence for tablets: Hispanic Americans are about 10 percentage points ahead for sharing their device with other users.

These trends bring clear implications for marketers: although Hispanic Americans are the most accessible of all on mobiles and tablets, knowing which individual is using the device at any given time will represent a serious challenge.