Teens Watch 1.15 Hours of Online TV Each Day

Chart of the day
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Felim McGrath / March 03, 2015

Tuesday’s Chart of the Day continues our preview of GWI’s new report on Teens (download a free summary here) by looking at the time this entertainment-hungry demographic devotes to online activities.

Teens (defined here as 16-19s) now spend an average of over 4 hours per day online via PCs/Laptops and 3 hours on the mobile web. Much of this time is dedicated to online entertainment: last month, 60% of Teens played an online game or streamed music and more than half watched TVoD.

In terms of television, online entertainment is rapidly catching up with its linear rival. Teens now spend an impressive 1.15 hours watching online TV each day. Though they still watch 2 hours of linear TV each day too, this is less than the average internet user.

What’s more, a notable shift has occurred in the world of press media and radio. Already, teens are devoting more time per day to online press than print (0.86 vs 0.66 hours), while online radio has now effectively caught up with broadcast radio (0.74 vs 0.77 hours).