Uploading photos via a tablet up 57% in last year

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Jason Mander / June 20, 2014

For this week’s final post, we turn our attention to the devices that people are using for the top internet behaviors.

As our figures show, there’s growth across the board here in terms of user numbers – reflecting the fact that global internet population continues to swell in size.

Clearly, though, it’s tablets which are enjoying the fastest rates of growth. Their overall audience might remain far smaller than the equivalents for PCs, laptops and mobiles, but over the last year we’ve seen a 57% rise in terms of the numbers uploading photos via tablets.

And while they continue to serve an important function as content-consumption devices, a wide range of other activities are on the rise too – including internet banking and webmail (up 55% each) as well as buying products (up 45%).

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