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  1. Francesc on

    Google+ should start using addresses for pages easier to remember. This would help people to use more Google+, especially companies and brands. GlobalWebIndex is at Google+ using https://plus.google.com/b/118305846280254709140/116524915824016011781/ . That’s impossible to remember. Shouldn’t be easier to remember https://plus.google.com/GlobalWebIndex such as in Facebook?

  2. Simone on

    @Francesc – what you are mentioning is actually available. Brand pages can easily claim their custom URL

  3. roxann souci on

    Interesting article. I just read another, however, that challenges your findings http://bit.ly/IcabfA I know this is a hotly contested area. What are research flaws should we look for in these studies? I need valid info to direct my social media clients. Thank you in advance for you answer.

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