Infographic #001 – Global Map of Social Web

Social Web Involvment - Infographic #001

As part of a new series of infographics we have created a global map of social web involvement. We wanted to provide a clear visualisation of the way in which the world adopts social technologies differently. The map visualises the number of active bloggers, social networkers, video sharers, photo uploaders and microbloggers. The length of the curve represents the penetration and the size represents the universe size. We have also included the actual numbers so you can use and apply the universe estimates.

To download the full size version fit for print, click here

An interactive version is coming soon that will allow you to create an audience segment and understand their web involvement by country.

Just a few of the big trends that are evident:

  • The social web is mass market: Hundreds of millions of web users are creating and sharing content every month
  • The massive impact of China: The vast Internet population coupled with hugely socially active set of web users, makes for a massive volume of content creators. However due to the inward looking nature of Chinas internet economy combined with the language mean that this volume of content does not impact the broader Internet
  • Low engagement in Japan: We also associate Japan with technology innovation, and actual while you might not think it, the low engagement is indicative of progress. Why? Our map shows PC activity and we know from this research that a huge number of Japanese users are bypassing PC altogether and using mobile devices to access social platforms and create and share content. Just over 34% of social network users only accessed through mobile in the month of the research, this is compared to 3% in the UK, a staggering indication of where the future is heading.
  • The low level of microblog engagement: Despite the Twitter hype, microblogging is still not a mass social activity and nowhere near the size and scale of blogging.

We also have a nice wall chart version, with a 2010 calendar. For your copy send us an email to:

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  1. Lawrence MacDonald on

    Love the map! I’m surprised you don’t have a ton of comments here already. I look forward to the interactive version (and the hard copy for my office at Center for Global Development!)

  2. Larry Brauner on

    This data in this info-graphic have important business and cultural implications. The future trend of this data will have even greater impact.

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  4. Mark on

    China is the biggest and will be bigger and bigger.
    Love it, Thanks

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  12. Paul Scott on

    So where is the data for Africa then? With some serious social web use, especially with Twitter and Facebook, surely an ENTIRE CONTINENT should not be left off?

  13. Nic on

    Are you kidding? How can you call this a global map but leave off any reference at all to a single African country? This is clearly terrible research and even morse implementation.

    1. Tom Smith on

      This is a new project and we are gradually rolling it out into more markets and South Africa is one of them. We launched the project in the largest 16 markets based on universe size and online marketing investement

  14. Lukas on

    Hi guys,

    great visualization, very helpful stuff. I got one question concerning Germany: Where does your data come from? While you are saying that 2,4 Mio users a using micro blogging service and Twitter has only near 800.000 german users (which is a very optimistic view on the usage) – where do other 1,6 Mio users come from?


    1. Tom Smith on

      Hi Luckas. We’re glad you like the visualization. The 2.4m is based on the research results for Germany, as we look at the broad category, not just Twitter then this likely to be higher.

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  17. CS on

    what is the gray background? It means percentage access of what?

  18. Jenna Langer on

    Really great stuff. I find the relationship between photo uploads and social network profiles very intriguing. I remember messing with photo sharing sites before I knew of Flickr and others… I’m talking snapfish, kodak, and others that were used in the pre-social web.

    It makes sense that this is still one of the largest social acts done online across the world (at least the developed world. It would be really interesting to see the overlap between social network usage and uploading photos. One of the greatest features of Facebook is sharing photos with friends. How many people use it mainly for that use? The general overlap between any of the surveyed actions would be interesting to examine.

    This infographic makes me want to play with the data to find other interesting trends. Looking forward to the interactive map!

  19. Maite on

    Que tal?, Estoy haciendo un estudio para mi colegio sobre Londres y encontré esta web, voy a mirar los otros articulos del blog, pues busco información sobre a Londres, su historia y su actualidad. Tienen publicado algo que me pueda servir?. Desde ya muchas gracias

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