New GlobalWebIndex Infographic

We are proud to introduce our new GlobalWebIndex Infographic that visualises the global state of social networking in 2011.

Global Map of Social Networking 2011 (19063)

Designed by Rikard Andresen

The Infographic shows the universe size of active social networkers for each market and then segments users into three behaviour types: Messagers, Groupers and Content Sharers. This behavioural data is based on a number of the variables we have available to discern how consumers are currently using social networks. Because social networking is now so big and touches every aspect of our internet experience, this detail is essential for the effective planning and implementation of marketing activity across social networks. This data reveals that users across the world are very different in how they utilise their network, with more focus on messaging and less on content sharing in established markets like the US and UK but more focus on content and groups in fast growing markets like Indonesia and China.

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  1. Tom on

    Why is data missing from Africa? Were your surveys not distributed to any countries on the continent? It seems to be a pretty glaring omission from the infographic.

    1. Tom Smith on

      See the previous comment. Africa is a core part of our roadmap.

    1. Tom Smith on

      South Africa is out now to clients, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria and Kenya are all scheduled for 2012. As our research project is extremely detailed and extensive, to implement and deliver credible research in each individual market takes time. Also as we run three waves of research a year, not all markets are feasible from a research perspective. Africa is a core part of our roadmap.

  2. Ted on

    I was wondering how you chose to define ‘Active’ when measuring active social networkers.

  3. Richard Michie on

    This is a really powerful map, social networking is still seen as a fad by many but this shows it’s fast becoming part of daily life globally. For me it would be great if the extra detail of the total population had been added as well. Great work.

  4. Yafit on

    Great Map! Is these information available of Behavior Types by age?

    1. Tom Smith on

      Sure is, we have over 1000 demographic variables !

  5. Sophie on

    Thanks for the map ! It’s useful to know that in France, almost half of the social networkers are content sharers.

    1. Brett on

      The infographic shows internet users aged 16-64 who use social networks.

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  7. Oriol on

    Thanks for the graph. I am a PhD student in Economics and I would like to use some of your data. For this reason, I was wondering if it would be possible to obatin not only the graph but the actual numbers (that is percentages) of the Global Social Network Penetration. Thank you kindly for your time.

    1. Brett on

      Hi Oriol, the best thing to do would be to email us with your details, and we’ll take it from there. Thanks!

  8. Oriol on

    Dear Brett,

    I tried to contact you through email but I did not succeed.

    Could you post the email address where I should send an email?

    Thank you kindly for your time.


    1. Marcello on

      Hi Taj, we don’t have one on the calendar unfurtuntely. You can find our latest social platform infographic here:


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