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  1. Bernard Moon on

    Wondering if you considered including South Korea’s KaKaoTalk (24 million daily users/70 million total) and Line in Japan (made by Korea’s NHN / 100 million total)?

  2. Danny Sullivan on

    It would be useful if you explained the source of your data, how you’re making these estimates. We’ve looked on your site last week for such info, and it wasn’t there. We asked earlier these week via email, but got no response. Without some explanation, these stats are hard to take seriously.

  3. tom on

    Hi Bernard – not as yet. But we review and are shortly fielding the Q1 research, so these can potentially be integrated

  4. Amit Yarashi on

    Absolutely true Danny. Totally agree with you. Facebook is certainly dominating the world of social media and its evident to even naked eyes.

  5. Toby on

    Same as Danny, I’d be interested in the source for the numbers. Is the Chinese community fleeing their domestic social sites quite as fast as as stated here…..?

  6. Garcia Neto on

    My Congratulations to Google +. It is however necessary to improve: The privacy tools and create translator to facilitate international communication.
    Garcia Neto – Brazil

  7. Bob Lima on

    Well, I think that these numbers don’t necessarily reflect the “real use” of the Google +, since for every interaction you’re “forced” to participate on plus.

    For example, recently even if you already have a youtube account and you want to post a comment or create a custom playlist YOU MUST agree to some terms that sign you in to be part of Google +.

    What i’m saying is: A LOT of the subscriptions on “Plus” are just not voluntary.

    I think that this way, Google “manipulates” the numbers by forcing their users to be part of Google +.

    I may be wrong, but… What you guys think?

    Bob Lima
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  8. @Bernardamus on

    I wonder if there is a complete table of data including percentage of growth for Portugal, for example.
    From other similar investigations, in 2011, Portuguese was reported as one of the Top 3 languages in terms of shares.
    Since Brasil has now a decreasing community of active users, it would be interesting to get an insight also about Portugal.

  9. @CWheeler_LR on

    Hi Tom,

    The current global internet population in 2012 was around 2.4 billion. I’m not sure it can be said that 21% of this population is actively using Twitter on a monthly basis – I’m fairly certain active monthly users for the platform are closer to 200m than 500m.

    Perhaps 21% of them have accounts?

  10. Lino on

    Hi all,
    very intresting

    i’m trying to find
    how many among 485m account holders and 288m active users are from my country Italy
    anobody knows where can I find this data?
    thanks in advance

    1. Marcello on

      Hi Lino,

      You might want to have a look at this infographic for some more info about Twitter http://bit.ly/15ema3a with some reference to active penetration in Italy.
      For more detailed info about Twitter usage in Italy you can also refer to my article “Twitter: 4 milioni di utenti attivi in Italia” in Italian


  11. Furqan Zafar on

    You should have also considered Pakistan in your surveys. Use of twitter has accelrated substantially here since 2012 and may further contribute to the stats displayed.

    1. Marcello on

      Hi Furqan, thanks for your comment! Pakistan is definitely an interesting country for its rapid growth in social usage and we are evaluating weather it would be feasible to launch a research there. The quality of data and reliability of the sample always comes first.
      Best regards, Marcello

  12. @valijolie on

    I find these data very interesting, also because of the difficulty of having official data from Twitter, but I agree with Danny Sullivan’s objection.

    In particular it would be important to understand how you got the results, as other studies claim that Twitter total users are more than 500 million (source: Semiocast, July 2012): according to these, all the percentages change!

    And what about “21% of the global internet population now use Twitter actively on a monthly basis.? Sounds like a disproportionate number…


    1. Marcello on

      Hi Valentina,

      the full explanation of our methodology is available under the “Research and Methodology” section of our website


      Semiocast uses a different methodology, which takes in consideration also fake and double accounts, therefore the results are different.

      Hope this explains,

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  20. Manash Mukherjee on

    Indeed!! Twitter is one the most used tool for marketing. Now a day its compulsory for any business to survive. It helps me a lot to generate lead, create brand awareness and special customer services (online reputation management).

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