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Chase is a Senior Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex. Working as part of the Trends team, he produces GWI’s off-the shelf reports and infographics, as well as our Chart of the Day series. Moving to GWI after completing an MPhil in the Social Sciences, Chase writes on GWI’s blog about the latest digital trends and online consumer behaviors, with a particular interest in commerce and emerging markets.

Chart of the day

Gen Z Prefer Fun Content Over Friends on Social

Today we begin a short series examining the social habits of different generations by looking at the role of social as a content consumption tool among Gen Z, and how this impacts their platform ch...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 19.02.18
Chart of the day

The Significance of Google Chrome’s Ad-Blocker

Our chart series this week explores ad-blocking as, after having worked closely with publishers for some time now, Google is set to release its ad-blocker on the Chrome web browser tomorrow. Th...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 14.02.18
Chart of the day

Role of Brand Advocacy in the Luxury Market

Image, exclusivity and personal experiences are key in recruiting advocates in the luxury market. When endorsing a brand, Luxury Brand Buyers are most ahead of the average for doing so when somethi...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 05.02.18
Chart of the day

Why Esports is Anchored Online

As esports leagues continue to franchise and the teams become city-based, broadcast TV will have a bigger role to play in its distribution. But as our final chart in this week’s gaming series shows...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 02.02.18
Chart of the day

The Reach of Esports Among 16-24 Males

Esports is often seen as a niche interest. But as our second installment in our series on gaming shows, from a market-by-market perspective, its success among males aged 16-24 proves just how far t...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 01.02.18
Chart of the day

The Importance of TV Ads to U.S. Beer Drinkers

Almost half of U.S. internet users aged 21-64 drink beer on a monthly basis. Considering that almost 2 in 3 of these Beer Drinkers watch the NFL on their TV sets, we see the value in the much-covet...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 23.01.18
Chart of the day

Affluent Consumers Are Highly Brand-Engaged

As the release of our upcoming Affluent Consumers audience report draws nearer, today we kick off a short series highlighting some of its key themes. We begin with the need for brands to build pers...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 17.01.18
Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 11.01.18
Chart of the day

PSD2 and the Opportunity for Social

Capping off our series marking the implementation of PSD2 (the EU’s new Payment Services Directive) into EU law, today we pinpoint one much-discussed sector which could see its presence grow in the...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 10.01.18