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Chase is a Senior Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex. Working as part of the Trends team, he produces GWI’s off-the shelf reports and infographics, as well as our Chart of the Day series. Moving to GWI after completing an MPhil in the Social Sciences, Chase writes on GWI’s blog about the latest digital trends and online consumer behaviors, with a particular interest in commerce and emerging markets.

Chart of the day

25-34s Most Likely to Pay for TV/Film Streaming Services

To kick off our series this week previewing our latest Entertainment report (download a free copy here), today’s chart looks at how likely internet users are to be paying for movie/TV streaming ser...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 18.12.17
Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 14.12.17
Chart of the day

Mobile is Top Device for Online Reviews

In line with online commerce activities shifting from PCs/laptops to mobiles, online reviewing has now transitioned into a mobile-first activity. But as today’s chart shows, PCs/laptops still remai...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 11.12.17
Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 08.12.17
Chart of the day

Trends 18: The Mobile Payments Race

Continuing our preview of our new Trends 18 report (download a free copy here), today’s chart highlights how the race to get a foothold in emerging markets is reshaping the mobile payments landscap...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 04.12.17
Chart of the day

Trends 18: Social Commerce Take 2

Social commerce was once primed to transform the way we shop online. As we enter 2018, however, it’s a trend that has gained traction in parts of Asia but is yet to take hold in the West. In our...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 28.11.17
Chart of the day

Older Music Streamers Most Likely to Share Accounts

To round off our series on music streaming engagement, today we explore the prevalence of account sharing. Across six major western music streaming services, we asked internet users whether they...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 24.11.17
Chart of the day

16-24s Most Likely to Pay for Music Streaming

Continuing our series on music streaming engagement, today’s edition shines a light on who is paying for these services. More than 6 in 10 internet users are streaming music each month, but than...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 23.11.17
Chart of the day

Mobile is Top Music Streaming Device

Kicking off a series on music streaming engagement, today’s chart begins with a look at which devices are most used for this behavior. Thanks to improved mobile connectivity and an industry push...

Chase BuckleChase Buckle / 21.11.17